Last Saturday of Each Month

The last Saturday of each month brings with it the Friends of Red Rocks cleanup, a cooperative gathering to cleanse and rebuild our favorite venue of the contaminates and wear it accrues. Orange bags and happy volunteers spot the valleys and rocks surrounding the amphitheater, a sight of community, restoration, and progress. Most cleanup events offer special projects in cooperation with the Park Rangers. Projects can include construction, weed mitigation, and trail maintenance.

Our end of month cleanups start at 9:30AM. With concerts in full swing, it is important we maintain Red Rocks' natural essence for the thousands of people who will experience its beauty with us this summer. Don't forget to wear sunscreen, drink lots of water, and have an extra layer in the case of Colorado's erratic conditions.


Concert Volunteers

Participation in FoRR activities makes our volunteers eligible for concert assignments in the parking lots prior to the shows. In the parking lots be sure to wear your best smile, you are representing FORR as an ambassador, to educate the attendees on how they can do their part. Give directions and tell people about the park. Encourage the patrons to pack in / pack out, recycle, keep the park magical, and have a great time.






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